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Vision vs Health Insurance

  • We Want You To Be Informed

  • If you have scheduled your annual well-check eye exam and the doctor discovers that you also have a health problem with your eyes, today's visit can not be billed to your vision insurance.

    We need to inform you that your annual preventative/healthy eye exam (visit for vision needs and eye health screening; no known medical eye problems) and medical oriented visits (medical eye exam for eye problems including new and/or known conditions, or diabetic eye exam) are two separate services (two different types of visits), per the National Billing Guidelines. Therefore if you have any medical issues or have concerns that you would like addressed (ie. floaters, cataracts, dry eye, diabetes, etc.) per the National Billing Guidelines, they must be billed as separate services. If you are seeking advice, care, treatment, referral, inspection or report about your medical concerns, we are informing you ahead of your appointment that your vision insurance plan does not pay for this and will be billed to your medical insurance plan. If we provide both services today then your visit must be billed to your medical insurance and all applicable co-payments and any unmet deductible will be your responsibility. However, your materials (glasses, contact lenses, etc.) may still be able to be billed through your vision plan.

    We want you to be aware so that you will understand the explanation of benefits sent to you by your insurance company.

    By signing below I acknowledge that I have read and understand the difference between my vision and health insurance benefits as well as my out of pocket responsibilities.

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