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New to Glasses? Here’s Why They Rock.

Starting to wear glasses can be a significant change for kids.

Many kids won't just wear their glasses. They may often be tempted to leave them at home instead of wearing them to school, regardless of the hours of fuzzy scenery and squinting they may endure. At Optic Gallery, we want to help parents appreciate the advantages of their children wearing glasses.

Age-Appropriate, Well-Fitting Glasses Go Over Better

Getting your child the right pair of glasses from the start can help keep them from being uncomfortable, and it may discourage them from refusing to wear them all together. Kids grow fast, so that they will need new glasses more frequently than adults. They'll be more likely to wear glasses that are comfortable and don't look too young for them.

Make the Adjustment Easier With Small Goals

If your child isn't used to wearing glasses, it can be a real adjustment to go from no glasses to wearing them all day. Start by asking them to wear them for half an hour each day, then gradually add more time until they wear them from breakfast until bedtime. You may even incentivize them with little prizes for each step in the process.

Give Them Good Glasses-Wearing Role Models

Many kids might be embarrassed or overly self-conscious about wearing glasses, but you can help change that by reminding them of some great glasses-wearing role models out there. Maybe it's an aunt, uncle, or sibling who didn't let their need for glasses hold them back from being popular, athletic, prom king/queen. Or maybe it's a family pet who wears glasses just like everyone else in the family! What about Harry Potter or Iron Man? They all wear glasses because sometimes even superheroes have bad eyesight! You can now find some great options for kids and adults at the Visionworks website."

Bring in Reinforcements and Stick to Your Plan

If you want your child to stick with their glasses time, they must know the rules and goals you've set. The easiest way to ensure they do is to let their teachers, babysitters, and other adults in their lives know about them so they can help keep them accountable.

Your Child Will Like the Glasses They Choose Best

The best way to get your child excited about wearing their new glasses is to let them choose their own. Our optometrists curate our selection, so it's a safe bet that they'll fit properly and be stylish. If they love bright or clashing colors, we don't see anything wrong with that! The goal is for them to wear their glasses and feel confident.

Make Use of Another Great Resource: The Optometrist

We are happy to offer tips on encouraging your child to wear their glasses. Please give us a call or bring your child in to get advice in person. We know how cool glasses can be!

Whether our patients are young or old, we love helping them love their glasses!

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